Alex's Language Arts Grade 8

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Comparing Themes Across Genres pg. 307 - Vocabulary

  • Mesmerized                – His fingers mesmerized me as they skated across the piano performing a brilliant trill.
  • Impeccable                  It was hard not to applaud wildly after the impeccable performance.
  • Petrified                     – The lion fixed its petrifying stare on the boy.
  • Stoically                      – Despite my pleas of reform, my dad stoically refuses to drive more slowly, giving me heart attacks when I come to school.
  • Dissuade                     – The bad grades further dissuaded him from doing his schoolwork.
  • Chaotic                        It was quite hard to hear anything in this chaotic din.
  • Negotiated                   With much screaming, kicking, shouting and negotiating, we finally decided to split the cake into two halves.
  • Acquisition                 – Genius is acquired, not born.
  • Corps                          – The company set up a talented corps to try to find a way to produce more sustainable goods.
  • Commemorate           – This year we commemorate Hanoi in its 1000th year.
  • Resemble                     Shane resembles the hottest model I have ever seen on TV; though sadly, I forgot the name!


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